Aarchon currently has 19 races available for selection at the time of creation, and an additional 4-6 become available with each remort. Each race has unique advantages and disadvantages including vulnerabilities and resistances, natural weaponry, stats, and "ETL" (experience to level) which is based on your class.

Choose a remort below to see which races are available for that remort, and all of the information regarding that race. Remember that once you remort, all races for that remort and previous remorts are available.

              === Remort Tier #0 ===
avian        drow         dwarf        elf          gimp         goblin       
golem        halfelf      halfogre     halforc      hobbit       human        
leprechaun   mutant       myrddraal    ogre         pixie        saurin       

              === Remort Tier #1 ===
amazon       centaur      khan         nymph        orc          satyr        

              === Remort Tier #2 ===
cyclops      dunedain     highelf      mantis       martian      skaven       

              === Remort Tier #3 ===
draconian    drider       phreak       sprite       vampil       

              === Remort Tier #4 ===
cyborg       mermaid      minotaur     werewolf     wisp         

              === Remort Tier #5 ===
doppelganger harpy        naga         treant       wraith       

              === Remort Tier #6 ===
chrysalies   frost-giant  gholam       illithid     vampire      

              === Remort Tier #7 ===
ahazu        djinn        dryad        gargoyle     lich         

              === Remort Tier #8 ===
ettin        genie        gorgon       lillend      rakshasa     revenant 

              === Remort Tier #9 ===
revenant     genie        rakshasa     lillend      gorgon       ettin        

              === Remort Tier #10 ===
archon       behemoth     dragonborn   mummy        quickling    warforged