Maps & Directions

This section contains directions and maps to almost every zone in the Aarchon. This is a great tool to have while questing and exploring to help you get better familiar with each zone. If you find an error in the directions, or a zone that isn't listed here, please note "imm" on the personal board.

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8095Abyss 6n, 10e
1035Akyros Pharmaceuticals 17w, 2s, e
8094Alcatraz 26e,open east, 8e, 2n, e, n, s, 2e, n, e, n, e
7590Alpha Centauri 4s, 4e, s
8090Angel's Heaven 16e, 4n, up
1530Apocalypse 15w, n, down, n
9095Area 51 11e, n
1100Bastion (Recall)
6085Battlelords (Naxtar) 16w, 3n, w, up, n, 2up, 2n, 4e, 2s, w
530Bloodfest '98 4w, 2s, sw, e
5080Briney Deep 26e, open east, 10e, down, say yes
4060Bryn Cail 7w, n
2550Cable 8s, se, 2s, 2e, n, down
9094Chaos of the Mind 3s, e, s, 4w, n
4060Chessboard 14w, 2s
9999Cliffs of Marienburg 20w, n, 4w, sw
515Crystal Coast 8s, se, n
5070Crystal Palace 6n, w, n, up
1045Ctuaoc Warren 9s, 2e, 2s, e, down
9394Cube 3s, e, s, 4w, 2n
3096Cubist Castle 2n, e, n, 3e
9597Darkened Jungle 8s, e, 5n, 2e, n
9597Darkwood 3s, e, s, 2w, n
7093Depths of Doom 5e, 4s, 2e, s, 2e, down, open west, w, s, down, n
9496Dexter 20w, s, w
110Disney 4n, se
5095Dragon Reign 26e, open east, 11e, 4n
3060Dreamscape 10w, 2s, w, n
110Everlund Park 4n, ne
7590Forest Dark & Dreadful 12w, 2n, e, s
5092Gothic City 5e, 4s, 2e, s, 2e, d, open west, w, s, down, 3n
9096Graveyard 8n, 2e, 11n
5080Guardian Citadel 9s, 4e, n, e, open north, n
9095Haunted Lands 6n, 6e, n
2050Holy Grail 8e, n
7094Huldu Realm 26e, open east, 5e, se, e, n, 3e, 3n, down
2045Inside the Chandelier 5s, 3w, 4n, enter chan
9397Isle of Parademia 26e, open east, 15e, 2n, 2e, ne
520JROTC 3n, 2w, n
2050Jurassic Park 7n, w, enter helicopter
1050Kalmara Mountain 5e, 3n
3060Kyoto City 5e, 7n, 2e, n, 2e, 2n, e, 3n, w, 3n, 2e, 2n, 2w, n
5060Logging Camp 5e, 7n, 2e, n, 2e, n
5090Luferacims Castle 9s, 2e, 2s, e, down, nw, 4n, nw, 2w, 2nw, sw, 2w, n, nw, n
9696Mansion 5e, 4s, 2e,s, 2e, down, 5n, e
6091Marienburg 13w
1545Marienburg Park Zoo 14w, s, e
535Mega City One 8s, se
9597Meipth 12w, s, 2w, 2s, w, s, 3w, n, nw
515Miden'nir 4s
8095Morgrand Peninsula9s,w,2s,sw
8090Mortal Kombat 5e, 11n, 2w, 2n
3096Mrem Village 3s, e, s, 2w, all north, try push knot, enter tree
4070Neverwhere 5s, w, 2s, 2w, s, 2w, n, 2e, n, enter vine
1025New Thalos 14e
2040Nimh 7n, 2e, 3n
0 0Northern Druish Glen 6n
110Occidor 4w
6591Olympia 5e, 13n, ne, e, sw
150Open Ocean 26e, open east, 8e OR 3s,e,s,e,2s,2w,n
9797Petrified Timber 9s, e, 6n, 2e, 5n, e, 2n
120Phony Call 3w, 2n, w, enter jack
110Pirate's Lair 3s, e, s, e, s
4095Princess Bride 9s, w, 2s
9696Pyramid of the Sun 11e, n, 2e, 6n
2035Rovarok 4w, 2n, w
9697Sanctuary 16w, 3n, w, up n, 2up, 2n, 4e, 3s, e, s, 2d, 4n, 2e, n, w, n, w, 2n, 3e, ne
6091Schoolhouse 8n, w
175Serene Desires 3n, w, 2n
97100Shadow's of the Past 5e, 4s, 2e, s, 2e, d, open west, w, s, d, 2n, d, 2s, sw
9099Shrine of Mirrors 5e, 13n, ne, 5n, e
2560Siva's Lament 2s, w, n, w, enter vortex (detect invis + fly)
9093Slums 5e, 4s, 2e, s, 2e, down, 3n, e, n
2540Solace 6s, 3e
7090Soneji's Mansion 20e, 6n, open north, 5n
5095Sonoirh Myrk 26e, open east, 8e, 4n, 4w OR 8n, 2e, 3n, 2e, 2s, 5e, 4nw
5090Space Hulk 16w, 3n, w, up
5090Springfield 8s, se, 2s, 2e, n, w
4093Square World 2n, 3e
5080Starcraft 8s, se, 4s, e, 2n, enter comp
9898Spectral Realm 20w, n, w
9095Sunrise Mountain 8s, e, n
75100Surreal Life 16w, s, w
1025Thalos 5e, s
9797The Crypt 8n, 2e, 11n, 2e, n, e, try push coffin, enter portal
3099The Galaxy Fleet 14e, open east, 6e, 6n, open north, n, w, enter balloon
1594Troubled Waters 26e, open east, 5e, se
9696Tunnel 9s, 2e, 2s, e, down, nw, 4n, nw, 4n, ne, 3n, ne, 3n
515Vorgath's Dungeon 10w, 2s, se
5090Warhammer 40k 16w, 3n, w, up n, 2up, 2n, 4e, 3s