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Sender Voyce
Date Tue Aug 30 13:56:08 2022
To all
Subject I'm.. a cheater?!
e Didn't you watch the movie? As you make your final approach to Castle Aaaaaagh... A mob of police surround you! They haul you away in what they call a "PaddyWagon". After a jostling ride, and a flurry of questions (not to mention getting the snot beat out of you), they decide that you truly ARE an idiot, and drop you off at Bastion's Town Square. (You DO realize that they've sapped almost ALL of your money, and have left a small souveneir in place of your contribution.) Always look on the bright side of life... ::whistle:: [Exits: none] The Mob Police are here, ready to arrest little bastards like YOU! <8472/12339h 4701/4749m 6972/6972v bunny|RBFGHS Z| | Holy Grail> lo mob The Mob Police is a huge good-looking sexless human. If you can read this description, then you've CHEATED! The Mob Police is in excellent condition. The Mob Police is using: <8472/12339h 4701/4749m 6972/6972v bunny|RBFGHS Z| | Holy Grail> con mob The Mob Police wets itself.