Board Ideas [context]
Sender Voyce
Date Sat Aug 27 09:05:55 2022
To all
Subject Spectral Realm
The lake area should be flagged as no teleport. Alternatively, I vote this room be recallbe and everything from here on is the point of no return. Since I hvaen't teleported into the areas beyond this room, I assume they're safe! Also I teleport to the lake area alot. A Sharp Ledge This sharp ledge that hands over the lake looks like you can try to climb it, as a way out of the lake. The ledge is within arms reach, only a few feet above the water. It seems that an eternity of erosion has shaped it, and given it the razor sharp edge that glistens in the light. [Exits: down] This is ther room where you have to try climb ledge to continue