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Sender Voyce
Date Sun Mar 27 21:33:33 2022
To all,imm
Subject Balloons
Ballons shouldn't be allowed to go into areas like guilds or initiation. The Palace Square You stand in the common area of the walled city of Bastion. Shops and buildings line the streets in all directions. Some distance away, in the four cardinal directions, roads meet the square and continue outward into the rest of the city. Looking up you see a complex system of support beams, columns, and stone work that supports the "floating palace." This palace earned its name long before the walls of Bastion were built, when the palace seemed to float above the rest of city and was visible from anywhere on the island. In the four corners of the square you notice spiral staircases leading up into the palace. The square is paved for pedestrian shopping with white marble tiles, decorated in the patterns of the island. Under your feet in the center of the square is a great gold seal, and the donation pit is through a hole down from here. [Exits: north east south west down northeast southeast southwest northwest] (lvl 1 float) (Magical) A rainbow-coloured helium-filled balloon drifts by. a rainbow-coloured balloon drifts up.