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Sender KungLao
Date Thu Feb 11 22:06:08 2021
To all
Subject keyring
I propose a simple idea, which probably won't have a very simple implementation which would be a keyring. It would probably be a piece of qeq with a level of 1 and is a special inventory which neither takes up in your inventory, nor has its contents counted against your inventory space. The way it would work would be as follows. While in possession of a keyring any time you kill a mob which would drop a key normally, the key doesn't drop, but instead goes into the keyring. If you already have the corresponding key in it, then the key just drops like normal. Any time you attempt to unlock a door the keyring would be checked for the corresponding key and if found, would unlock as usual. And if the key is not found in the keyring then your inventory is checked as per usual. The reason the mechanic would be set up like this is so that when players leave a key around for everyone to use, it would really suck if people were able to just take that key and use it in their own keyring. This also means that the keyring would be a checkable inventory so you can see what keys are in it, but would not be directly accessible to add or remove keys by the player. The reason I think this is a good idea is that if you've earned a key before, you could then always have access to it when you need to go to an area, and would not keep having to fight for the key and/or have to have a key left there by anyone else for you to use. This is especially helpful for if you've say remorted a character and are questing it for some reason (maybe to earn the qp necessary for your next remort) and get a quest where someone has removed a key in an area where you're way too underpowered to get the key yourself and nobody else is around who can get it for you. As far as cost goes, if it is a quest item i was thinking 5k qp would be around the price for the keyring as its not really an extremely necessary piece of qeq but is a really nice quality of life improvement (just like the inf light qeq) and thus should be a little bit pricier. I think this just about covers the idea, but I may have forgotten a thing or two. If I have missed some other vital information feel free to leave me a note asking for follow up information, and I will be glad to provide any. Kunglao BloodThirst (Schoktra)