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Tips and tricks for newbies on Aarchon: * If you're new to Aarchon, don't choose assassin class and don't turn on pkill right away. It'll be frustrating to die over and over. * When selecting skills during creation, choose the default package for your class and nothing else. When gaining new skills later on, learn groups of skills or spells rather than single skills. * When creating your character in normal mode, assign the high dices to the 5 attributes and to stats with a large difference between min and max value. * Typing 'train' at a trainer will show you what stats you can train and how much your stats will increase for one train. Don't train stats that will only increase by 1, and don't train hp, mana or move. Instead, use your trains to gain new skills. * The first stats that you should train, are the primary and secondary stats assigned to your class. These stats influence the number of practices you earn each time you level up. To see which stats are primary/secondary for your class, type "help <class name> class" (help ranger class for example) * When practicing skills, try to get your intelligence up. The higher your intelligence, the faster you'll learn. * Stay in the initiation area until you're level 5. Once you leave it, use consider before you attack any mobs - the life you safe might be your own. ;) * If you die, don't worry. You can find your corpse with all the gold and items you lost in the morgue sw w d from recall. * Try to find other people around your level and group up with them. Grouping is fun and makes levelling easier. * Read helpfiles. They contain lots of useful information and get constantly updated when changes occur. The FAQ helpfile gives further hints for newbies. * If you stumble across herbs, collect them. You can usually sell them to other players at good prices.