'treat weapon' 'herbs'
With this skill, one can treat edged weapons with herbs to enhance the blade for a short time. To be used, herbs must be found out in the wild. Treating a weapon with black herbs imbues the blade with a frosty, chilling effect. Red Herbs coat the blade with a flammable substance that allows it to be lit aflame. The rarer herbs are mottled and silver. The poison of mottled herbs saps the victim of movement, invigorating the wielder while exhausting the victim. Silver herbs carry a particularly nasty poison which intereferes with the higher brain functions, effectively lowering an opponent's intelligence. Weapons that are already vampiric or vorpal or carry some other special attack cannot be treated. To use this skill, type treat <weapon name> <herb name>. Success is determined by skill percentage, and if you fail you risk destroying your weapon. See help weapon details for more details.