Treants are walking trees - literally uprooted tree trunks, like evolved tree golems. While tremendously strong and hardy, they are terribly slow and on the sluggish side. In combat they can entrap their opponent with their branches, and they fight surprisingly well in the forest. They have a natural ability to calm other wild lifeforms, and they occasionally put out fruits with a healing ability. They are natural rangers, as they know the ways of the forest better than any others, and as animated beings, they are fairly well-versed in the ways of magic. They do not, however, make talented ninjas, for they are too large to sneak or be at all stealthful. As trees, they rarely drown, and it is almost impossible to knock one over. They are rarely affected by illnesses, poison, or mental attacks; however, they are easily toppled by slashing weapons and by fire. See showrace treant for more details.