trains training
Syntax: train - Lists the attributes you may still train. train <str con vit agi dex int wis dis cha luc hp move mana> Trains can be spent in several ways, all of which require that you are at a trainer inside your guild. Type "help guild" to find directions. You can use trains to increase your stats, learn additional skills/spells, or increase your hp/mana/move. The best stats to train first are the primary and secondary stats for your class. You can find these stats in the "help <class>" help file. Increasing these stats will result in you gaining more practices per level, which can be used to practice skills/spells or converted into more trains. See "help gain" for more information. A training session may also be applied to your hp, mana, or moves, and there is a level-dependent maximum number of trains listed in your 'score'. This can be increased further using quest buy train cap. Your TOTAL hp/mana/mv is dependent on your level, class, race, the number of times you have trained that attribute, and the following stats: DIS, CON for hp, WIS for mana, and AGI for moves. In addition to the hard capped number of trains that you are allowed to invest into hp/mana/move (level based), there is a soft cap, which you can read about in "help softcap". ** Artificial constructs train differently, see "help construct_details".