'templar class'
Templars are an ancient order of religious nobility who have outlasted, as a politcal force, any of the passing trends of monarchy, revolution, or capitalism. Since the shattering, they have come to be the supreme governing body, since only they have been represented in virtually all time frames. They fight to preserve order and the privilege that lets such as they remain in the noble class. Despite their religious rites, beliefs, and dogma, they do not preach to the masses, although they do impose their morals on them. Templars are the lawyers, bureaucrat, police, and officials who hold Bastion together. Because of their status, they have the time to pursue a formal education, including subjects like magic theory, making them skilled in both magic and clerical prayer. Prime Stat: Wisdom Secondary Stats: Charisma, Intelligence Type skills class templar for a list of a Templar's skills and spells.