'Transportation Spellgroup' 'word of recall' teleport fly 'pass door'
The transportation group is used for travel, whether by instant relocation from one place to another, or by a lasting affect that allows passage through the air, doors, or underwater. These are among the most useful spells in the game. =-+-= INSTANTANEOUS TRANSPORTATION =-+-= word of recall Syntax: cast 'word of recall' or simply cast word Safely transports the caster to Mercy, in the Temple in Bastion. teleport Syntax: cast teleport (not castable on others) Sends you to a random location. Yes, this can take you to places that you cannot recall from, sometimes places that ensure certain death. Life's like that sometimes, especially when you mess with teleportation for fun. gate Syntax: cast gate <target mob/char> Opens a gate through spacetime that immediately carries the caster to the location of the target character. See "help gate" for more details. summon Syntax: cast summon <character> Transports the target character to the caster. See "help summon" for details. =-+-= SPELLS THAT CREATE PORTALS =-+-= To list all the locations that these spells can reach, the syntax is: cast portal locate. See "help portal" for more details. portal Syntax: cast portal <location> Opens a one-way portal. nexus Syntax: cast nexus <location> Opens a two-way portal. =-+-= SPELLS WITH LASTING AFFECTS =-+-= fly Syntax: cast fly <character> Allows the target to float, thus saving movement points while travelling, and allowing access to places that are in the air. breathe water Syntax: cast breathe <character> Allows one to travel underwater without lung pain. pass door Syntax: cast 'pass door' (only castable on oneself) Allows the caster to walk through some doors (others are "not passable"). astral projection Syntax: cast 'astral projection' or simply cast astral Caster is slightly removed from this plane of existence. See "help astral".