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FOLLOW starts you following another character. Syntax: FOLLOW <character> To stop following someone else, just FOLLOW <yourself> To prevent anyone from following you, toggle the NOFOLLOW command. If someone is following you, you can make them a member of your group: GROUP <character>. If <character> is already in your group, this command will kick them out of it. To leave someone else's group, just stop following them (FOLLOW <yourself>). The group leader can pass on leadership to another group member using GROUP leader <character> The group leader can remove members from the group using: GROUP remove <character> Group members share experience points from kills and may use the GTELL and SPLIT commands. If anyone in your group is attacked, you will automatically join the fight (if you have AUTOASSIST toggled on). Often, the mobs you will encounter will only be battling one of the group members at a time. This lucky group member is called the tank, or is said to be tanking. If you are tanking and don't want to be, you can FEINT or DISTRACT (if you have the skill), you can FLEE or RECALL or cast a transportation spell, or you you can ask one of your groupmates to RESCUE you. GROUP with no argument shows statistics for everyone in your group. See help buffs for information on the seemingly random collection of letters that are displayed on the "group" command, which are in fact indicators of buffs / spells cast on you and your group members.