ROM started in early February 1993, using Merc 1.0 code. In July of 1993, ROM II was started, eventually replacing the original ROM. ROM was up for a little over a year, after which the code (version 2.3) was released, and various other ROM muds were started, including Rivers of Mud under a new management (Zump's ROM), at 9000. Alander's current project is Athen, the sequel to the ROM code. It will be found at 6666, when it is opened. The following people contributed to the ROM flavor of the merc base code: Socials -- Kelsey and Liralen New, Improved Valhalla -- Liralen Puff's new special proc and improved poofin/poofout code -- Seth Maps and map shop -- Ezra, Regnan (Olympus) Nirvana zone -- Forstall (mobiles rewritten by Alander) Mob Factory -- Pinkfloyd (originally written for ROM, mobiles rewritten by Alander) Geographically correct Midgaard (tm) -- Alander Ideas and playtesting -- Thousands of dedicated mudders around the world Beta testing -- Ken Blosser, Doug Araya, and Sherene Neil all helped with bug reports and suggestions, saving a lot of headaches New Thalos area was donated by Onivel of Jedi, who was also the originator of the ASCII flags used in the zone files ROM 2.4 was developed during my time with Moosehead mud, and the release shares many of the features I wrote while I was there. Additional code was written by Seth Scott (enchant armor, the new poofin/poofout), and many contributions and ideas from the Merc list were used. Portions of Rusty's code from Moosehead also remain. The new features of 2.4 were largely produced in bull sessions with Gabrielle Taylor and Brian Moore, without whom this release wouldn't have happened. In particular, the new privacy code, furniture, and wiznet are largely the results of Gabrielle's ideas. Changes to the standard diku mob and object format, as well as the changes to Merc 2.1 source code, were done by Alander over many a late night of hair-pulling. Hope you enjoy it. (my apologies if anyone was forgotten in this list)