revenant 'dark reaping'
Revenants are sentient undead who are not created by curse or foul magic, but who have risen from their graves as their purpose in life has not yet been completed. In virtually all cases, revenants have met a violent end, and many are driven by a burning desire for revenge. Clinging to (un)life with a passion, revenants are tough to kill, and may rise from death again and again. Also known as 'dark reapers', revenants have learned to harness the power of death. Whenever a living creature dies in their presence, they consume its energy to fuel their hate and swiftly bring death to their next victim. While most revenants wander the world alone, powerful individuals have been known to infuse other dead with their passion, causing them to rise and do the revenant's bidding. See showrace revenant for more details.