Vulnerabilities Resistances
Vulnerabilities Resistances Races may be resistant to some types of damage and vulnerable to others. Some races are said to be resistant or vulnerable to 'weapon', which refers to the three physical damage types that correspond to the Armor Class types of 'pierce', 'bash', and 'slash'. All weapon types (except exotic) have some of their damage determined by one of these types, as described in 'help weapon details', and some of their damage determined by their 'damtype' (see help damtype). Vulnerabilities Weapon Types: gimp, doppelganger bash - avian, sprite, harpy pierce - halforc, cyclops, gholam, rakshasa slash - treant Magic Types: gimp, golem, doppelganger acid - saurin, nymph, cyborg cold - elf, halfelf, pixie, mantis, draconian, wisp charm - ahazu, frost-giant disease - halfogre, mutant, ogre drowning - dwarf, myrddraal, khan, martian, drider, cyborg, djinn, chrysalies energy - goblin, wraith fire - troll, nymph, satyr, zombie, mantis, vampil, treant, wraith, vampire holy - myrddraal, zombie, vampil, vampire, werewolf, wraith, lich, revenant, rakshasa light - drow, halforc, troll, drider, vampire, werewolf, wraith, gargoyle, lich, orc, illithid, drow lightning - ogre, mermaid, naga mental - hobbit, drider, sprite, frost-giant negative - dryad, goblin, leprechaun, highelf, sprite poison - elf, drow, draconian sound - djinn, illithid, centaur Materials: silver: - werewolf, wraith, gholam (Vuln to werewolf hunting stance) wood: - vampil, vampire (Vuln to vampire hunting stance) Resistances Weapon Types: werewolf, wraith bash - goblin, hobbit, cyclops, minotaur, treant, gargoyle pierce - saurin, draconian, wisp, naga, chrysalies slash - zombie, vampil, vampire, mermaid Magic Types: drow, dryad, gholam, halforc, martian, nymph, sprite, skaven acid - halforc, harpy, martian, mermaid, orc, skaven, treant, genie cold - halfogre, halforc, myrddraal, ogre, troll, centaur, vampil, cyborg, naga, wraith, frost-giant, vampire, orc charm - elf, satyr, draconian, cyborg, illithid, chrysalies disease - elf halfelf, myrddraal, centaur, dunedain, revenant drowning - amazon, mermaid, naga, treant, dryad energy - leprechaun, khan, martian, drider, wisp fire - ogre, draconian, mermaid, wisp, djinn holy - highelf, cyborg, naga light - pixie, cyclops, mantis, wisp, treat, dryad lightning - avian, goblin, wisp, lillend mental - mutant, satyr, highelf, draconian, cyborg, treant, illithid, lich, ettin negative - troll, cyclops, mantis, drider, vampil, cyborg, harpy, naga, wraith, vampire, lich, revenant poison - dwarf, centaur, dunedain, skaven, drider, phreak, cyborg, mermaid, harpy, treant, wraith, lillend, revenant sound - golem, satyr, wisp See help vuln resist details for more detailed math information.