remort tips
When entering remort, you're placed into a chamber separate from the rest of the MUD. It is crucial that when you enter remort, you are prepared for anything. The remorts that require equipment (see: help remorting) are the remorts where you will also want to bring in pills and potions to supplement yourself. The following types of items are recommended for most players.: 1) Pills of Sanctuary or Defense (6n,w,n or 19w,3n) 2) Pills of Speed (19w,3n) -- These grant the 'haste' affect 3) Pills of Sight (19w,3n) -- These cast 'cure blindness' 4) Mindblock Potions (6n,6e,8n) -- These grant the 'mana shield' affect 5) Refresh Potions (The shop in Angel's Heaven) 6) Alchemy Potions Alchemy potions in particular can be very powerful. Look for the potions that grant "auras" (such as sparking potions, which grant electrocution), hollow potions (for fade), arcane potions (for mantra), shimmering potions (for mirror image), or miracle potions (for healing). In addition to the above pills and potions, many players opt to bring in healing pills (19w, 3n) or goodberries (created by your favorite cleric/ranger friend). There are two suggested reasons for bringing pills and potions into remort, even if it's for a spell that your class is able to cast: 1) Casting spells in combat is slow, and eating a pill is instant. Quaffing a potion has a small amount of lag, but it's consistent and predictable. 2) Casting a spell in combat can fail, via loss of concentration. Pills and potions don't have this problem. Note : You should bring a burnproof container into remort (such as Capricorn's Satchel of Plenty) to store your pills, otherwise you might find them getting burned and disappearing! In remort, you may encounter some fights where you cannot flee, and so you should always be prepared to fight until the end. In cases where you can flee, it is suggested that you start fleeing at a very high percentage of your health, as you could fail many times before a successful flee attempt. A common strategy in these cases is to attack a mob, and immediately start fleeing. If you flee almost immediately, you can walk right back into the fight. If you don't flee until you're low on health, you can safely heal and then return. Keep an eye on your moves, as some mobs use energy drain or choke, which can quickly drain your moves. If you don't have any moves, you can't flee. Last, you may want to bring a few extra lights into remort as you never know when yours will burn out, or if others are available.

remort remorting
Remort provides an opportunity to take a hero character back through the mortal levels, without sacrificing all their power. When you enter remort, you will be sent to a private area that is a test of all your abilities, physical and mental. See help remort tips for more info. The REMORT command is used for all remort-related actions, and may only be done at the remort adept in Smote's Temple (3N, E, S from Palace Square) remort signup - Puts you on the remort list if you can afford to pay the fee. As soon as there is a chamber available, you have one week to enter it. /-------------------------------------\ | Remort 1: 14000 gold and 200 qps | (Equipment needed) | Remort 2: 20000 gold and 250 qps | (Equipment needed) | Remort 3: 28000 gold and 300 qps | | Remort 4: 40000 gold and 350 qps | | Remort 5: 56000 gold and 400 qps | (Equipment needed) | Remort 6: 80000 gold and 450 qps | (Equipment needed) | Remort 7: 112000 gold and 500 qps | | Remort 8: 160000 gold and 550 qps | (Equipment needed) | Remort 9: 224000 gold and 600 qps | (Equipment needed) | Remort 10: 320000 gold and 650 qps | (Equipment needed) \-------------------------------------/ remort status - Shows the waiting list and available chambers. The remort chambers are entitled Eight Trials (1,2), Afterlife (3,4), Counterintuition (5), Lost Library (6), Tribulations of Dakaria (7), Urban Wasteland (8), Curse of the Ages (9), and Sundered Plains (10). If someone is in one of the chambers, they have until the date shown to finish. For those people still waiting for a chamber, ones with a * beside their name are eligible to enter and must enter before the date shown. If you do not enter within the appropriate time, do not finish, or if you DIE in remort, you will lose 50% of your gold and quest point entry fee. remort enter - If you are next up on the list, you may enter. You have one week in which to complete the remort challenge. remort speed - If you are not next up on the list but feel you can finish in 8 hours or less, you can opt for this entry. remort cancel - Receive a full refund and try later. AFTER SUCCESSFULLY REMORTING * You can choose a new race and reroll your stats. After each remort, new races become available to you. See racelist * You will be reset to level 1, and can level to : 90 + (remort#) * You will keep all your skills, but you can't use them until the normal level that you'd get them. * You will keep all of your masteries, quest points, and gold in the bank. * Trains saved or invested into hp/mana/move are halved. Saved Practices are also halved. Trains spent on stats are completely reset. remort repeat Once a player reaches maximum level for their remort, he can still re-remort to change race. Doing so will cost half the normal cost in quest points and gold, and you will directly go towards selecting a new race, without any re-trial. The remort repeat option uses the syntax "remort repeat". You do not need to sign up for remort or remort lower like has been done in the past. Remort repeat is not available at remort level 0. Please read help remort tips for some tips on remorting.