NOTE: This help file is out dated Joining a religion is an important decision that is not recommended for everyone. It involves committing yourself to one particular god or goddess, including putting your life on the line to defend your beliefs. Each religion has a helpfile, and there is also a 'religion' command that is described below. Each religion has a heavily-guarded temple, and in each temple is an altar. On each altar is a relic, which is a sacred treasure belonging to the religion -- many wars are fought over possession of relics. When a relic is stolen, it brings great pain to the person carrying it... but it brings bonuses to the religion that can keep it on their altar. More about this is described below. While in a temple, any player may attack any other player, regardless of pkill status. There is a 'religion' command. Typing it by itself brings up a list of possible options to use with the command, in particular, how to join or reject a religion. (You lose all faith points when you reject!) religion list lists all available religions, showing the name of the god/goddess as well as the name held by the followers of the religion. religion info <name> gives some vital statistics about the religion in question, as well as a list of the followers, by rank. Ranks are determined by the length of time a person is in a religion, as well as the number of faith points they have earned, according to the following table: Neophyte: 0 days 0 faith Acolyte: 1 week 50 faith \ Follower: 1 month 125 faith | All ranks except Neophytes Evangelist: 3 months 250 faith > participate in RELIGION WAR, Prophet: 6 months 500 faith | described in more detail below. Saint: 1 year 1000 faith / People who have reached Acolyte rank are considered full members of the religion, with all the benefits and detriments associated with it. The proclaim channel is available upon reaching this rank, to communicate with your god/goddess as well as other members of the religion. Acolytes also start receiving the bonus associated with having your religion's relic on the altar (10% bonus to experience and qps, plus an additional 5% for any additional relics) ... but when your religion's relic on another religion's altar these same aspects are reduced by 10% instead. A relic not on an altar has no effect on anyone. Religions also have an alignment range, depending on its nature. No religion has a range greater than 1000 alignment points. The higher one's rank within their religion, the more one is drawn towards the "ideal" alignment for his/her religion. While not in your religion's alignment range, you do not receive the boni/mali associated with the relic. In addition to the ranks described above, the follower with the most faith is granted the status of High Priest, and the three below that are the Priests. All priests have the ability to hunt for their relic within an area, but high priests can hunt for it anywhere in the land ('hunt relic'). While a relic does dastardly damage to anyone carrying it, this damage is halved for members of the relic's religion, halved for priests, and halved again for high priests (cumulative). ANYONE carrying a relic may be attacked by ANYONE. Temple areas also allow anyone to attack anyone. The faith points described above are earned by making sacrifices to your god/goddess. Corpses and valuable items make excellent sacrifices. The more faith the followers of a religion have, the more potent their god/goddess becomes, allowing him/her to give blessings and strike curses on mortals. For details on some of the blessings you might find upon yourself, see 'help god bless'. (The curses should be self-explanatory.)