gag 'reduce spam'
The gag command allows you to toggle which combat information is displayed to you. This is useful for reducing spam. Syntax: gag [ability|aura|bleed|damage|effect|equip|fade|immune|miss|sunburn|wflag] Ability - Hides 'gang up', 'flurry of blows', etc. Aura - Damage caused by auras Bleed - You sure are BLEEDING! message Damage - Only damage summaries are shown Effect - Secondary effects from dragon breaths etc. Equip - Seeing others wear/change/drop equipment, or put into/get from containers (but NOT equipment transfers between players) Fade - Damage that is avoided by fading Immune - Damage avoided through immunity Miss - Blows that miss (dodge, parry, miss, etc.) Sunburn - Damage Vampires receive from being in direct sunlight Wflag - The effects of weapon flags gag without parameter will display the current setting gag ? will display syntax information