fervent rage
Syntax: fervent Gladiators who have learned fervent rage are able to go into a fierce combat mode that dramatically decreases the damage they take from an opponents' aura. Due to the amount of concentration required to maintain such a state, Fervent Rage has a cool down period on it that prevents the user from entering such a state repeatedly. In addition, fervent rage increases the damage dealt while in a berserker rage. This is a passive effect and does not require fervent rage to be active. See showskill fervent and help offensive for more details.

'weapon styles' rage finesse retribution 'blade dance'
The WEAPON STANCES group is available for fighters who are adept with weapons. Rage: Increases damage done (+5 base, +20%) Finesse: Reduces chance of your attacks being dodged/parried. Retribution: When you are hit, you hit back. Retribution also adds an attack. Blade Dance: Increases damage (+5 base, +20%), finesse effect, and adds an attack. (Base refers to the damage you would deal with no stance) See help stance for usage instructions.