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On the beginning of your adventures in Aarchon, you may choose frome one of the following races: Avian wise and noble creatures, make good clerics and mages Drow smart and agile, make good warriors, thieves, and mages Dwarf hearty little creatures, make good warriors Elf wise and quick, make good mages Gimp weak, dumb and slow creatures, makes good lawn furniture Goblin small, strong and agile creatures, makes good warriors Golem strong, but incredibly stupid, viable only as warriors (Golems are not recommended for new players. See 'help golem') Half-Elf well rounded, make good thieves and mages Half-Ogre strong beings, make good warriors Half-Orc foul beasts, make good warriors and thieves Hobbit small and dextrous, make excellent thieves Human average stats, adept in all classes -- the vanilla race Leprechaun very intelligent tricksters, make good thieves and mages Mutant low constitution, but otherwise have potential in all classes Myrddraal A souless, damned killer. Strong and disciplined. Ogre huge and powerful, make excellent warriors Pixie small, mischievous creatures, make good clerics and mages Saurin powerful and fast, make good warriors and thieves Troll large and tough, trolls make lethal warriors For more information, see the help files for each race (i.e. 'help dwarf')