owner loot noloot
When a mob (npc) dies, all its items are placed in the corpse. The person who made the final blow is the OWNER of the corpse, so only s/he or a groupmate may take things from it. To allow others to take things from a corpse you own, toggle NOLOOT (default: ON). The NOLOOT flag is viewable on the "autolist". If it says, "The items you own are safe from thieves", then any corpse that you own may NOT be looted by a stranger. This is the default, and if you die this resets. Your corpse belongs to you, unless you die in a PKILL battle (in which case the winner gets it). When a player dies in pkill, STICKY items (e.g. quest equipment) remain on the player's body, never to be found on a corpse. Many sticky items also have an OWNER, which only allows that person (or clan) to use them. These items may be *given* to a player (e.g. for storage) and it will be held safely, but that player is unable to USE it. Also, when a pkiller kills another, only about a quarter of the items remain in the corpse, the rest go to the reincarnated victim. QUESTITEMS are sticky, and owned by the person who EARNED it. Thus it cannot be looted, picked up off the ground, or used by anyone who gets their hands on it. PKILLERS: CARRYING QUEST EQUIPMENT IN CONTAINERS IS A BAD IDEA: USE A STORAGE CHARACTER.