offense offensive calm
Most fighters attack aggressively, moving quickly into better striking positions and following through with vigorous blows. While these efforts can mean the difference between victory and defeat, they are also tiring. While fighting offensively, each attack made, whether successful or not, consumes movement points. When a character runs out of movement, they automatically stop fighting offensively, dealing reduced damage. Characters in a berserker rage (as induced by frenzy, berserk, drunken fury, and shan-ya) fight even more aggressively than normal, dealing yet more damage but also tiring more quickly. The movement cost per attack depends on the weapon used. See the table below for a full breakdown. Type of | Move Cost | Move Cost Attack | Offensive | Berserking ------------------------------------------ Unarmed | 1 | 2 1-Handed | 1.5 | 3 2-Handed | 2 | 4 Bow | 2.5 | 5 Burst | 1 | 2 Semi-Auto | 1 | 2 Full Auto | 1 | 2 The damage bonus provided is 2*cost + 15% normally, and 2*cost + 25% while in a berserker rage (+35% with the 'fervent rage' skill). To preserve their energy, a character can decide to fight more calmly, using the 'calm' command. This works similar to the 'wimpy' command (see help wimpy), triggering a more energy-preserving combat style once moves drop below a given percentage. This works even while in berserker rage.