Sisters of Mercy
The Sisters of Mercy is an order of individuals who travel the lands of Aarchon fulfilling the dictates of Parademia by curing those deemed worthy of the many plagues, both physical and mental, which afflicted the manifold races of Aarchon. Though they, like the first Discordians, were once sheltered by the cloak of Sehkma, their Patron Parademia has recently ordered both sects to make their presence known. This was done with the construction of the faithgrounds, where Parademia and his offspring Eris could directly interact with their followers. So it has been done. Requirements: Alignment Range : 900 to -100. Aspects : A) Merciful healers B) Sisterhood Defenders C) <<Classified>>

Preservers of Magic
This newly formed order believes in Magic as a part of nature and the world as it has been since the Shattering. Its followers proclaim that only through the balance between order and chaos life can evolve and prosper. Chaos and change is considered inevitable, but must be kept at bay at all costs, lest the Shattering should happen anew. In recent times, so they claim, clear signs that a new apocalypse is close at hand have appeared, in forms of sudden changes of the landscape and magic objects, rifts in the astral space and mutations on the aarchon life forms. All those things the preservers of magic attribute to the extreme (mis)use of the magic powers that flow through all things by the mages that roam the lands. The similarities to the Shattering, where the archmage Rimbol almost completely destroyed the world, are plain and obvious so they claim. In their hopes to prevent this upcoming cataclysm, they have turned to the god Bobble, believing that only he might wield the power to stop the world from falling apart by restoring the flow of magic to what it once was. Within the preservers of magic there are two main fractions. The first, who often call themselves the 'True Preservers', focus on missionaring mages to 'repect the balance of nature', and on searching ways of using magic without disturbing its natural flow. So far however, their results are limited at best. The second and smaller fraction, sometimes nicknamed the 'Inquisitors', hold the view that all beings with the power to direct the flows of magic must restrain themselves from doing so, or be killed. While they proclaim great achievements for themselves, it must be doubted that all their vicims were accused rightly. Some of the 'True Preservers' fear that their actions will do more harm than good to their cause, as they spread hatred and prevent the unity needed for achievements on a larger scale.

children of discord
Children of Discord In the beginning, Order and Chaos ruled equally, in balance. Humankind, however, lusted for power, power greater than that of the gods. This lust ultimately destroyed the world's balance, shattering Chaos and dispersing it throughout the land. For a time thereafter, it seemed that Order alone ruled, but Eris, She of Vengeance and Discord, nurtured the unnoticed fragments of Chaos. These tainted all they touched, planting seeds of Chaos wherever they fell. From these seeds grew the Children of Discord. Their paths guided by Eris, the Children do her bidding, instilling anger, envy, and unrest among those they wish to destroy, causing war and hatred among mortals, and creating fierce disputes among immortals. Their Goddess is a strict master, demanding perfect devotion from her followers: the Children are her pawns. They accept this willingly, however, in desperate hope of gaining her favor. Many people follow the Goddess of Chaos, be it for personal greed, revenge, a sense of belonging, or some other reason, but the truth is that only one thing is accomplished: the Will of the Goddess. The most valued possession of the Goddess and her Children is the Golden Apple of Discord. Bright as the sun and cold as revenge, this apple feeds two desires: lust and greed. When the apple rests within its home, the grip of Chaos on this world is almost palpable. But be warned! When it is loosed upon the land, war, plague, and unimaginable horrors are soon to follow.