At your guild, you can practice skills, train stats, and gain new abilities. WIZARDS: mages, illusionists, necromancers Your powers lie in your ability to use magic to create and/or alter things to use to your advantage. Arch-Bishop Talitha, who is found 2N, W, S, W, U, N from recall, helps you master the abilites you need for survival.. CLERICS: clerics, monks, templars Your powers come from your closeness with religion and ability to use your understanding of the way things really are. In your guild, found SW, W, U from recall, Desmond trains you to believe in your own powers. FIGHTERS: warriors, gladiators, samurai, paladin Your powers are mostly physical, although your true strength comes from within. In your guild, found 2S, 2W from recall, Santiago trains you to be at one with the weapons you wield. ROGUES: thieves, assassins, ninjas, bards Your powers come from your ability to move when you want, and in the way you want to move. Quick, crafy, and sneaky, like your guild master Silas Longbow, you are looked down upon by the Holy Order of Templars. You can find your guild 2S, E, N, E, open south, S GUNSLINGERS: Your powers lie solely in the almost spiritual bond between you and your gun. In your guild, found 2S E S 2E S from recall, Roland awaits to instill in you the confidence you need to prosper in Aarchon. RANGERS: As you are an adventurer of great independence, you dwell upon that trait and can even eventually do without the guidance of your guild master. In the beginning, however, you may learn much from Sara the Bear who resides on the very outer perimeter of town: 3N, W, S.