'google trivia'
GOOGLE Trivia! (Formerly known as RANDOM, USELESS Trivia!) Objective: Answer the most questions correctly, or spam gametalk mercilessly with unimportant babble. Rules: Spelling is not important. So long as the person running trivia can understand you, that's all that matters. While a question may have multiple answers, the first person to give an acceptable correct answer is awarded the point. Exact, 100% accurate and scientific answers are not neccessary, so don't complain if someone gives too vague an answer for your tastes. Don't like the decision? Don't play. ;) If a player is behaving in a way that is upsetting gameplay, the person running trivia reserves the right to penalize them accordingly. Award System: 10 quest points per correct answer. 50 quest points to whomever can answer the most questions correctly. Gameplay: Trivia will always take place on gametalk, so if you do not like spam, turn it off. It'll do your sanity a favor. Participants will answer a set number of random trivia questions asked by the Trivia master/mistress or until said runner of trivia is bored. Questions can range anywhere from Science all the way to Sports. If you are a mortal and you wish to run trivia, you must first seek approval from Silvara and run questions by her for quality check. Simply post a note on PERSONAL board with the questions that will be asked. If approved, you will be contacted for further discussion of when the trivia game will be held. Fine Print: The person running trivia reserves the right to do whatever he or she wants during gameplay, including but not limited to: disqualify, award points as he/she sees fit, change rules, ignore you, molest anybody, steal Chrono's cheese, demand tribute or anything else their imagination can conceive of. Even Finer print: In Silvara's absence, you may post a note to (almost) any immortal. Also note that stealing Chrono's cheese is highly illegal and may result in massive amounts of stabbination.