'nordic styles' goblincleaver tempest wendigo
The Nordic Styles consist of stances developed in the icy reaches of the north, and to this day are only known by the most accomplished rangers. See HELP STANCES for information on how to use these stances. (All are weapon stances.) Goblincleaver: An attack for use against multiple opponents that reduces damage (-33%), but increases the number of attacks by 3 per opponent. Tempest: Casts a random weather spell each tick of combat, at a reduced mana cost. The spells used by tempest are Wind War, Lightning Bolt, Call Lightning, and Monsoon. You must know the spell in order for it to cast. Wendigo: Slightly lowers damage taken, increases damage (+2 base, +10%), extra attack, and a chance to disarm for each round of combat. (Base refers to the damage you would deal with no stance)