Syntax: drop <object> Syntax: drop <amount> coins Syntax: get <object> Syntax: get <object> <container> Syntax: give <object> <character> Syntax: give <amount> coins <character> Syntax: put <object> <container> DROP drops an object, or some coins, on the ground. GET gets an object, either lying on the ground, or from a container, or even from a corpse. TAKE is a synonym for get. GIVE gives an object, or some coins, to another character. PUT puts an object into a container. DROP, GET and PUT understand the object names 'ALL' for all objects and 'ALL.object' for all objects with the same name. In addition to the object's name you can match by level, type or wear location. drop all.90 drop all.90+ drop all.90- get all.armor box put all.neck box