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This help file only exists for the sake of preserving Aarchon's history. (Editorial, continued) The Gazetteer believes it is high time for some authority in Bastion. If only to help in the building and improvement of our fair city. It is time for elections to be held, democracy to take hold. The Mayor of Bastion could have a number of responsibilities, first of which could be ombudsman(woman, thing) to the citizenry and Immortalships. If we had someone who could mediate disputes, even in the most minor matters, perhaps an air of civility would return to our city. We hope so. Sanye Knights Victorious at Jousting Tourney To boost morale in the Sanye ranks, Lady Gani, immortal leader of the Knights Sanye held a jousting tourney last week. This old sport has fallen out of favor in Bastion proper, with the resurgence of the sport of murder in popularity, however, the old style Knights of Sanye still practice this sport regularly, and last Saturday proved their mastery of the event. In the main event, the title of Lord Knight of Sanye, leader of the Order of Steel, was up for grabs for the participants. Many entries fought valiantly, however, in the final, with the Sanye leadership watching, Sir Ishnar WindStorm prevailed over all other combatants, and won the event, becoming the newest Elder of Clan Sanye in the process. Singing Sensation Sidi Continues Concert Season It is one thing many in Bastion have come to expect. On most nights in the city, the voice of Clan Sehkma's Sprite Templar Sidi can be heard crooning popular hits. His choice of musical variety seems to have hit a chord with the Bastion population, making him the highest selling musical act since the mysterious disappearance of the Bards from the city. His musical scrolls have gone Platinum since he released his hit single "Ye Olde Pinke Floyde Medley". Live dates are expected to be announced shortly. If you are interested in writing for the Bastion Gazetteer, all submissions are welcome to be addressed to Llanwar WindStorm. We reserve the right to edit letters and articles for clarity and length, promising to keep the gist of your submission intact. As well, if you are interested in a Staff post with the Gazetteer, please contact Mr. WindStorm as well. We are in need of a number of editors, reporters, as well as a gossip columnist, and if interest warrants, an astrologer.

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This help file only exists for the sake of preserving Aarchon's history. The Bastion Gazetteer Volume I, Issue I Editor-in-chief Llanwar WindStorm Publisher Gani Vengeful Legion Elders Declare War on Coven This week, Clan Legion struck out from the relative peace they have been maintaining, attacking Clan Coven. Early reports from the conflict say that Elder Rei of Legion has suffered numerous personal insults from members of Coven, and decided that finally, enough was enough. Clan Coven, which recently suffered through a war over the DarkFang fiasco seemed unprepared in the early stages of this war, allowing Clan Legion to gain the quick advantage. Coven and Legion have a long history together, being two of the older clans in Bastion. Their wars have a history of being drawn-out affairs, with both sides having suffered losses at each other's hands from bloody conflict. Reports continue to be sketchy at this point, and attempts to contact Coven leadership for comment on this matter have not met with success, although unnamed sources within Coven say that Legion fights not for honour, but out of boredom. Q Continues Attacks on Sehkma, War with Divergent Clan Q fights their wars on multiple fronts these days. While enjoying many successes in their war with Sehkma, who continue their policy of non-violent resistance, Q has also continued to fight the Clan of Divergent, in a battle with many consequences for the majority of the killers in Bastion. With Clan Q and Divergent claiming most of the successful killers among their respective members, this war shapes up to be a conflict of titanic proportions. Neither side has been willing to comment on the situation, although, in true Q fashion, it seems this war is being fought for nothing more than 'fun' for its membership. Aes Sedai Showing Signs of Life Clan Aes Sedai, which has had problems with defections, as well as problems communicating with their Gods has begun to show a rebirth in their membership. Reports from around Bastion say that new people, sporting clan badges of Aes Sedai have been seen across the city, from Smullens Plaza to Northern and Southern Paladins way. Perhaps this new activity is a precursor to a glorious return by the Immortally beautiful Swayde to the land. Aes Sedai spokespersons say that reports of the clans demise were premature, and that the family of helpers continues their mission. However, some are critical of their new leadership. Some have wondered why Elder Aeon of Aes sports the killer badge upon him. They say this is quite different from Aes days of yore, when violence was not appreciated by the clan. Money Laundering Scandal Hits Sehkma Enterprises This week, Bastion has announced that it is beginning an audit of Sehkma financial assets, saying that their stated mission conflicts with the reports of large sums of gold coin being held in their names by the Banks of Bastion. An anonymous source within the Bastion branch of the Aarchon Revenue Service (ARS) has said that their early checks seem to indicate that this scandal could reach as high as the office of Parademia himself. They were reluctant however to push, saying that much more information will be released as the investigation continues. Spokesnymph Kamyra of Sehkma was unavailable for comment at press time. Editorial With the new millenium upon us here in Bastion, it is time we look back on our history, and remember that this land has been built with the blood, sweat and tears of many an adventurer. Through war and peace, the immortals have looked down upon us and wondered where we might take ourselves, our fate being in our own hands. While it is true that at times, our descisions have been questionable, the strength of a city, especially Bastion, is the residents and citizens who call it home. This city has stood for time immemorial, withstood invasion, and will continue to hold a commanding spot in all of Aarchon. We cannot take for granted this city that protects us, and we must stand up and do for it, anything we can as citizens, to keep it a beautiful place. In the past, Bastion has had a mayor who was elected by the citizenry, and represented Bastion to the rest of Aarchon, as well as to the Immortals who watch over us all. LucyFur was an excellent mayor, and even I myself have served in this post. However, it's importance seemed diminished of late, and noone has been elected to fill this post in some months.