gorgon petrifying gaze
Gorgon resemble human women with their hair replaced by a multitude of small venemous snakes that threaten to strike at anyone who comes close and provide a gorgon with all-round vision. However, what Gorgon are best known for is their petrifying gaze, which can turn any man (or woman) to stone instantly. While this transformation is rarely permanent, it leaves the victim helpless to the gorgon's attacks, or other advances (no male medusas are known to exist, and little is known about their mating practices, giving rise to wild speculations). Petrifying gaze can be used both passively and actively. Passive use means a 20% chance each round for anyone fighting the gorgon to accidently meet her gaze. Active use forces her gaze upon one unfortunate individual. Syntax: gaze <target> In each case, the victim first receives a saving throw to quickly close his eyes and so avoid the effect completely (blind characters are immune). If they fail, they receive a second save to resist the effect, in which case they are only slowed instead of petrified. Petrified characters cannot take any combat actions, but their hardened bodies make them resistent to damage and harmful effects. Any damage dealt to them is reduced by one fourth, and they fail saving throws only half as often. See showrace gorgon for more details.