Syntax: second <weapon> Dual wield lets you use another weapon in your off-hand, instead of a held item. Dual wielding provides one attack with the secondary weapon, and a chance at another with haste. The secondary weapon must weigh less than the primary weapon (generally between half, and 2/3, depending on how proficient you are with the dual wield skill). Dual dagger, dual sword, dual axe, and dual gun skills allow the use of two of the same type of weapon, but the weights of the two weapons wielded can be EQUAL if your specific dual skill is 75% or higher. If your skill is below 75%, but close, you will be able to wield two that are nearly the same weight, and nearer as the skill is closer to 75%. Additionally, if you do have dual wield AND a specific dual weapon skill, your specific skill will be checked for improvement before the general one if using the appropriate weapon types. When fighting bare-handed with nothing in your off-hand, the fighter recieves an automatic attack with his off-hand as he would if wielding two weapons. This is based on level rather than on a skill. Characters who master dual wield or dual weapon skills gain a chance for an additional offhand attack. For a character mastering both dual wield and (e.g.) dual sword, the chance for an extra attacks is 15%, 25%, 35% or 45% depending on how many mastery levels (1-4) they posess in total.