dragonborn 'draconic breath'
Dragonborn are thought to be the direct offspring of dragons. As such they display many characteristics of a dragon in humanoid form, most notably their ability to breath havok on their foes. Each dragonborn belongs to one of the five major subspecies, typically referred to by their color, and matches the species of their dragon parent. A dragonborn's coloring is determined randomly when remorting, but may change afterwards should the dragonborn die (25% chance if the gods show no mercy). Dragonborn can also rebirth on purpose (using the morph command), at a cost. Red dragonborn breathe fire, are resistant to fire and vulnerable to cold. Green dragonborn breathe gas, are resistant to poison and vulnerable to disease. Blue dragonborn breathe lightning, are resistant to lightning and vulnerable to acid. Black dragonborn breathe acid, are resistant to acid and vulnerable to lightning. White dragonborn breathe frost, are resistant to cold and vulnerable to fire. A breath attack occurs automatically every 1d4 rounds during combat, and consumes a small portion of the dragonborn's mana and moves (the more is consumed, the larger the damage dealt), up to the calm threshold. Fire, gas and frost breath are area attacks, but will only target creatures already fighting you or your allies. Compared to single-target acid or lightning breath, area breath attacks deal 80% damage to the primary target and 60% to each secondary target. The focus skill applies partially to draconic breath.