'mystical styles' dragon phoenix unicorn 'dimensional blade' 'elemental blade'
Mystical styles are the most arcane stances that exist. The moves are based upon very powerful, magical creatures, and thus the effects are very "special". NON-weapon stances in this group: Dragon: Fire damage and flame effect. Increased damage (+5 base, +20%) Phoenix: Fire damage. 2/3 of damage taken comes off mana instead of hp at a 2:1 rate; for every 3 damage, 1 hitpoint and 1 mana are lost. Unicorn: Energy damage. 25% chance to auto-save vs spells. Sanctuary has little effect against unicorn (reduces damage by 1/6 instead of 1/2) Weapon stances in this group: Dimensional Blade: Fading opponents cannot escape the wrath of your weapon, which is sharpened by the fighter's spiritual ties so that it does more damage and slices through armor. Elemental Blade: At a cost of a few mana per round, elemental power is sent surging through the blade, dealing extra damage as it hits. If the blade's type is elemental, this extra damage will be of the same type. If not, the type is random. (Base refers to the damage you would deal with no stance) See help stance for usage instructions.