'draconian spellgroup'
The Draconian spell group deals with the magic of dragons -- in this case, bringing forth the devastating power of their breath weapons upon your foes. Only mages have the mental training necessary to cast these spells, and few of them ever reach the level of mastery required to use them. Spell cost is as listed in showskill + 1% of your current mana, and the amount of damage done reflects the extra mana spent. Also, arcana stance and focus can increase the damage. acid breath uses the black dragon's attack upon an enemy (chance to pit armor) fire breath calls forth the flames of a red dragon (chance to blind with smoke) frost breath drains the life from a foe with the power a white dragon (chance to freeze) gas breath suffocates your enemies with poison gas (chance to poison) lightning breath summons the electrical fury of a blue dragon (chance to stun) See help acid breath for more details on these spells.