Doppelgangers are essentially ghostly counterparts of other beings. As they are shapeshifters, they can take the form of other creatures by reaching out and touching a creature of the desired race. Similarly, they can change gender at will. In their natural forms, doppelgangers are simply doughy, colorless figures with no natural resistance whatsoever. Their ability to disguise themselves makes them naturally good thieves and magicians, and their knowledge of sleight of hand makes them talented illusionists as well. These skills are a result of their evolution from the hunted gimps -- the gimps who survived were those who could blend into their environment, and so this new race of doppelgangers was formed. If a gimp is lawn furniture, an unmorphed doppelganger is cushioned lawn furniture. See help morph for more information on shape shifting. See showrace doppelganger for more details.