In the broadest sense, Discordia is a collection of misfits, trouble-makers and anarchic tendencies. The only thing that really seems to keep this "clan" from falling apart and pursuing their own chaotic whims is the Goddess of Discord herself, Eris. The powerful aura she exudes and desire to see strife rip this land apart is enough to keep even the most unstable member in a state of hypnotic ecstacy, oblivious to the law and order that controls Aarchon. To a member of Discordia, there is only one law; chaos, and lots of it. There are many conflicting reports on how this band of children came together under a common goal, but one thing is certain; It started within the Cult of Sehkma. Eris, no longer able to conform to the ways of Sehkma, devised a plan to remove herself and a select few from the clutches of the Cult. Tendrils of chaos began to seek out potential candidates to set the foundation of her followers. Soon, an unknown lust for creating dissent became evident within specific members of Sehkma, reaching all the way to the leadership itself. Thus, the seed of turmoil was planted. It took only a few short weeks before the damage was complete. The clan which believed in strength and unity had begun to show its true corruption; chaos. Her plan working perfectly, it wasn't long after the small band broke off and proclaimed themselves as the followers of Eris, clan of Discordia. A person does not simply wish to join Discordia, as there is much more required than basic desire. Those who are true followers of the Goddess already know where their future lies; the heart of chaos. It is not uncommon for members of other clans to succumb to their innermost cravings for upsetting the balance of order and leaving all they once were behind. Those who please the Goddess with their chaotic and unpredictable nature are selected to make the final transition to Discordia. Fighting the seduction is possible, but in the end it doesn't matter. You will already be caught up in the chaos, apart of the turmoil of Discordia