canonical collection lullaby combat symphony reflective hymn devastating anthem deadly dance arcane anthem battle dirge
The canonical collection are a group of songs that all Bards know, and all audiences ask for. While singing the songs, the Bard's wail skill will also have additional effects. All songs in the canonical collection are group songs. The collection consists of the following songs: Lullaby - Allows a Bard's group mates a 50% chance of getting a second count of deep sleep every tick. The Bard's wail will have a chance to sleep the opponent. Combat symphony - Restores moves to the Bard and his group mates every round, or pulse, even outside of combat. The Bard's wail will drain the moves of their opponent. Reflective hymn - Adds a sound bubble around the Bard and her group mates that reflects damage back. Eventually the bubble will pop when it takes enough damage. The Bard's wail will have a chance to add the Iron Maiden affect with a duration of 0 ticks. Devastating anthem - Increases a Bard his their group mate's damage (+5 base, +20%). The Bard's wail will also gain a bonus to damage. Deadly dance - Adds the chance of an extra attack against opponents for the Bard and her group mates. Also makes circle an area attack. The Bard's wail will be an area attack. Arcane anthem - Quickens and empowers the Bard and his group mate's spells. Weaker than normal metamagics, but it does stack. The Bard's wail will be a higher level, giving less chance of an opponent resisting it. Battle dirge - Reduces a Bard's group's opponents damage and adds the slow affect. The Bard's wail will have a chance to stop the opponent.