death dead corpse mercy
Death, once a greatly feared phenomenon in the world, has been reduced to a mere inconvenience since the breaking of the world. Now, when you happen to meet your doom while adventuring, you will awaken in your clan area or in the Palace Square, and your corpse will be in the Morgue (SW,W,D from Palace Square) with your gold (pkill corpses stay in the room where you were killed). Corpses in normal and pkill circumstances will decay over time, spilling the contents onto the floor. (Mob corpses will crumble and the objects in them will be gone as well.) See help 'noloot' to learn more about who can take things from corpses. To get to the morgue from recall, go southwest, west, down. Upon death, the following happens to you: - any spells which were affecting you are cancelled - loss of some experience points - you may lose one train's worth of hp/mana/move, if you have spent any for that purpose. This loss may be avoided if the gods show you mercy... this mostly happens to people of good alignment, and those with high charisma and luck.