hitroll damroll 'spell pierce'
Hitroll is a number that represents your likelyhood of hitting something. The higher your hitroll, the more likely your weapon will be hitting your target. Hitroll also affects the chances of the success of certain skills, including most attack skills (such as uppercut, bite, chop) as well as steal. Damroll is a number that is factored in whenever you land an attack with a weapon, or use certain attack type skills. The higher your damroll, the more damage you will do. The damage bonus provided by damroll is random(random(damroll)). However, there is a soft-cap of 2 * (10 + level + max(0, level-90)) Any excess damage is reduced by a factor of three. In addition to increasing weapon damage, damroll bonuses from equipment or affects increased the damage dealt with spells. For every 4 damroll bonus spell damage is increased by 1d4. This is adjusted for casting time, and the focus bonus applies. This bonus damage is shown as spell damage, and includes bonuses from the arcana stance and warmage edge skill. Spell damage is not increased by damroll bonuses gained from strength, and the effective bonus cannot exceed the base spell damage (i.e., damage output is at most doubled). Spell pierce is used to overcome an opponent's saves when casting offensive spells. It is affected by spell level (the number shown in score uses your character level as an estimate for spell level), intelligence and class. In addition, any bonuses to hitroll from equipment and affects also increases spell pierce. For every 4 hitroll, your spell pierce is increased by 1. Holding a focus item increases spell pierce by 20%, and the inquisition stance provides a 33% bonus as well.