Cyborg stands for "Cybernetic Organism". They are born as biological humanoids, and augmented with technology until they cannot live independently of it. Cyborgs living in Aarchon after the shattering are generally composed of standard model android parts integrated with life magic by skilled templar techs. This technology is increasingly hard to come by in the known pocket of existence, since cybernetic technology cannot be reproduced, only found. Cyborgs have little inherent magical or spiritual ability, but have great physical and computational facilities. Cyborgs are able to channel their cold fusion power cores in controlled outbursts of electric current, electrocuting their enemies. Their muscles and reflexes are preternaturally enhanced by hormonal injections, and optical implants allow them to zoom in on targets beyond the normal range of human vision. Cyborg do not need to eat or drink, their biological needs are met artificially. Upgrading cyborg statistics is very expensive, as components are rare, but unlike fully biological organisms, they may be upgraded to the full potential of their model, regardless of their initial configuration. Cyborgs have strong immune systems and their positronic pathways help their organic lobes resist mind attacks. Good and evil spiritual attacks have limited effectiveness. Acid and water corrode their mechanical components. ** Cyborgs train differently than other races. They gain a flat 3 points of their stat for each train. They can train all of their stats up to their racial maximums. Cyborgs also require gold to buy components to train. See showrace cyborg for more details.