weaponsmaster axe dagger flail mace polearm spear sword whip exotic 'weapon skill'
Each weapon skill applies to a specific group of armaments, and determines how well a character fights with a particular weapon. The weaponsmaster group provides talent in all weapons (save exotics), from chair legs to halberds. If the character has the parry skill as well, he can parry incoming attacks. The chance of parrying is best if the character in question is skilled at both his weapon and his opponent's. The weapon skills consist of the following: weaponsmaster skill group of all weapons listed below (save exotic weaponry) axe the use of axes, ranging from hand to great (but not halberds) dagger the use of knives and daggers, and other stabbing weapons flail skill in ball-and-chain type weapons mace this skill includes clubs and hammers as well as maces polearm the use of pole weapons (except spears), including halberds spear this skill covers both spears and staves, but not polearms sword the warrior's standby, from rapier to claymore whip the use of whips, chains, and bullwhips gun the use of guns - not available to any class but gunslingers exotic the use of strange magical weapons The exotic skill cannot be purchased; skill depends on skill with all weapons. See help weapon details for some interesting details on different weapons.