rescue autorescue bodyguard
Syntax: rescue <target> rescue Rescue allows you to intervene in combat, protecting weaker characters from bodily harm by diverting the attacker's blows to oneself. Success in rescuing depends on the skill rating (although ANYONE may succeed, even without the skill), as well as a comparison of level, dexterity, and speed between the character and the target. If successful, the rescuing person will then become the mob's primary target. (Note: some mobs use AREA ATTACKS, which nobody can be rescued from .. everyone simply gets hit.) If autorescue is on, you will attempt to rescue any party member that has autorescue turned off. (Autorescue is togglable by typing autorescue and the status is listed in AUTOLIST.) This automatic rescue attempt will never target NPCs (zombies, etc.), and NPCs with the rescue skill are treated as having autorescue turned on. The BODYGUARD skill allows a player to be especially skilled at rescues. Bodyguards may attempt to rescue without delaying their own attacks.