Thanks to these people for their expertise and generosity: and for teaching Siva enough about Linux to get the mud compiled and running. Belar<> for morgue code. FRiTZ <> for `remove all' and bounty code. for circle code. Lope ( for color code. Mikko Kilpikoski, Rip, Turtle, and Rimbol for hunt code. ?? and Rimbol for donate code. Jason Huang ( for Fear and Betray code. Ryan Addams for the Quest code. for Bank code. Erwin S. Andreasen <> for dual wield, copyover, command disabling, online social editor, reset editor, board system, dynamic buffers. the board system. Siva wrote guns, feeblemind, holy binding, astral projection, detect astral, divine light, pacify, rustle grub, dowsing, snipe, unjam, burst, semiauto, fullauto, pistol whip, aim, intimidation, duck, quick draw, drunken ury, shoot lock, elude, call sidekick, 1000-yard snare, snare, estimate, hogtie, dowsing. Smote for gouge, chop, bite, melee, brawl, guard, kung fu, leg sweep, endurance, uppercut, war cry, tumbling, feint, distract, avoidance, appraise, lore, damned blade, animate dead, turn undead, necrosis, dominate soul, cannibalism, ritual sacrifice skills; gtell, title, affect bit, social fixes exit bugs fix, our lovely aarchon logo, additions to OLC and mobprograms, bounty hunters and bounty list, and gladiators through illusionists. Rimbol for sustenance, the info channel, porting the hunt code, explosives, create bomb, ignite, spell disabling, pkill flags, clan ranks, first aid, detoxify, tame, shelter, forage, torch, clan wars, battle prompts, clan ranks, board system, penalty system, auth port. Quirky for our new wizlist. Smote and Quirky for our new socials. Siva, Smote, and Mephiston for the new races. Siva and Smote for new damage messages. Quirky and Tryste for cure mortal, minor group heal, group heal, major group heal, restoration, angel smite and revisions of Cure Light, Cure Serious, Cure Critical heal more hit points. Mephiston for headbutt, net, mug, regeneration. Ivan Toledo <> for OnLine creation v1.6 with mob programs. Apex <> and Smote for drunk speech. Stumpy and Silverhand for the enhanced sockets command. Prism <> for omni. Kermit <> for online help editor (addition to Ivan's OLC). Ferris <> for pipe. Force wrap, olc line delete by Jon Franz <> Freeze Tag by Nebseni of Clandestine MUD. Pload by Gary Turkington. Dallas wrote the Hand of Siva spell and exhaustin, weapon_dumb, energy drain flags. Quirky and Siva for the new ranger skills (see october 14 NEWALTER). Warfare code designed by Lasher of Aardwolf, rebuilt by Viper. Warfare code is used with permission from Lasher. Smaug code team and Rantic for name authorization code. James Seldon <> for free vnum list. Russ Walsh for auto-wizlist. Steven Carrico for grant and revoke commands. Bobby J. Bailey for text centering command.