auction donate DONATION sacrifice
Syntax: auction <message about your item> Syntax: sacrifice <object> Syntax: donate <object> [clan] If you've got too much stuff in your inventory, you can become ENCUMBERED. (See HELP ENCUMBERANCE for details.) There are a few ways to get rid of "junk": Unwanted items can be AUCTIONed for money, if anyone wants to buy it. The AUCTION channel works just like any other communication channel (e.g. gossip). Another option is to DONATE your unwanted items. This magically transports an item to a collection room. If you're in a clan, you may specify to donate an item to your clanhall (donate <object> clan). If you are not in a clan, or if you don't add the clan parameter, your item will be donated to the pit below the Palace Square. You also have the choice of making a SACRIFICE of the object, for which the gods may reward you with a shower of silver coins. If you are in a religion, you make these sacrifices in the name of your God/ess, and you may earn FAITH POINTS for doing so. See HELP RELIGION for more details. (Please note that religion is not active at this time).