When trying to land an attack, the following checks to avoid being hit apply, in the order given below: * fade ** outmaneuver ** avoidance ** duck ** dodge * mirror/phantasmal image * shield spell * shield block ** parry * hitroll vs ac When the attack benefits from a finesse effect (e.g. from stance or woodland combat), a single check is made (50% chance). If successful, all checks marked with ** are skipped for this attack. For many "special" attacks, including bite/chop/kick, only the last hitroll vs ac check applies.

offhand attacks
When fighting with two weapon, or unarmed with your offhand free, you have a chance to do extra offhand attacks. This chance is shown by the percentages command. Every attack round you make a check to receive any offhand attacks. If you succeed, you make at least one attack with your offhand. Additional attacks may be gained through the following means: * Haste (50% chance) * Dual wield/weapon mastery (up to 45% chance) * High dexterity (up to 33% chance) * Extra attack skill (33% chance) * Dagger in offhand (7% chance)