'assassin class'
Assassins are merciless killers for hire. They will bring in a bounty dead or alive without a tinge of guilt either way. Most typically prefer the "dead" option, but will take live bounties for the right price. Unscrupulous assassins have collected on their best friends, on their siblings or parents. The only person no bounty hunter has yet been known to collect on is themselves, but certainly if the truth were untangled, there would probably be a few cases of this, now that death is dead. The fact that there is no longer a definative end to life has put a crimp in the assassins livelihood, but not in their passion for their work; Assassins still love to hack or explode their victims into tiny bits, even if they know they'll be back later. **WARNING: All Assassins begin the game as permanent pkillers.** Prime Stat: Dexterity Secondary Stats: Agility, Discipline Type skills class assassin for a list of an Assassin's skills and spells.