subclasses ascend ascent
After reaching the highest possible level a mortal can gain (i.e. level 100), character can ascend. Ascending has the following consequences: - Rebirth as a level 1 remort 0 character. - ETL increases by 500 + 100 * ascent level (+200/+100 cross-class). + Specialization as a subclass, which grants specialty and bonus skills. + Mastery point maximum increases by 1 each remort, capped at 100. There is no limit to how often a character may ascent, but after 5 ascents no additional benefits are gained (due to the cap on mastery points). Ascended characters are considered 6 levels higher for pkill range purposes, regardless of their number of ascents. Subclasses grant bonus skills. These function exactly like race skills. The showsubclass command provides details on available subclasses. Initially character can only have one subclass. This is chosen at the time of ascent, and can only be changed for the first 3 remorts or by re-ascending. After ascending, remort repeat is free for the first 3 remorts. After ascending twice, characters may chose any subclass, regardless of their main class, and certain bonus skills are granted. Chosing a subclass you do not normally have access to incurs an additional +200 ETL. After ascending thrice, characters may opt to dual-subclass by selecting a secondary subclass. In this case, skills from the primary subclass are gained at 60% effectiveness, and skills from the secondary subclass at 40%. Dual-subclassed characters only gain the specialty of their primary subclass. Cross-subclassing with your secondary subclass incurs an additional +100 ETL.