'ascension quest tips'
There are 3 quests to perform at each rank. The first involves exploring a special area to gain relics. Once you enter this zone, you need to gain the required relics (found one per floor) to complete the quest. Beware! Each floor has a number of guards that you may need to fight or flee past in order to reach the room containing the relic. Going up or down will lead you to the next floor. The second involves assembling a book with missing pages, then giving them to a specific NPC. The pages can be found by killing mobs in higher level zones. Only 1 page can be found per zone. You may return to the quest master, and type quest info or quest status to see which zones you have already found the book for. The last involves invading another Gods temple and breaking the altars. These temples can all be found in Bastion. Use the command "break altar" once you reach the altar to break them. These temples are protected by guards or have simple puzzles you need to solve in order to reach the altar. Without spoiling too much, here are some clues for the more esoteric temples: Lilith: Don't forget the try command! Swayde: A scales is used to determine the weight of something. The heavy side of the scale will lower. Quirky: That Jester is annoying isn't he?