heavy armor
Armor comes in two forms - light and heavy. Light armor comes in all shapes, while heavy armor typically involves thick steel plating. Although heavy armor provides far greater protection than light armor, it is extremely cumbersome, making it unappealing for spell casters and anyone relying on speed and agility rather than brute strength. Those trained in the usage of heavy armor can mitigate some of its drawbacks. Those skilled in crafting can fortify light armor into heavy armor, or reverse the process, at a cost. Mechanics: Each piece of heavy armor increase your overall heavy armor level by a percentage, depending on wear location. At heavy armor percentage 100% all damage taken is reduced by 25%, but the following penalties apply: * Chance to dodge and duck is halved. * 25% penalty to attack rolls. * 50% chance of spell failure during combat. * 50% chance to be spotted when trying to sneak/hide. * 25% hit-chance penalty on circle and similar attacks. The heavy armor skill reduces these penalties by up to 1/3rd, or up to 1/2 with grand mastery.

shield 'stone skin' armor
Syntax: cast shield or cast shield <target> cast 'stone skin' (self only) cast armor or cast armor <target> Shield provides a 6% chance to deflect incoming attacks. 3% vs whips. Stone Skin reduces damage taken by 10%, with a max of 10+level/4. For every 'max' points absorbed, duration is reduced by 1. Armor grants a sizeable armor class bonus.