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The Warfare feature allows players to fight each other in a special warzone where not all rules of Aarchon "reality" hold. An announcement is made on the WARFARE channel, and those who meet the criteria and want to join can type combat to be taken to The Valley of Death, where wars take place. From there, players are distributed randomly throughout the area and battle until the conditions for winning are met--with one class, race, clan*, or gender left alive. The Armageddon war type is a battle royale where the last combatant alive is the victor. During a war, there are no penalties for death aside from removal from the battlefield. There is no experience or equipment loss, although if you do drop something you are responsible for picking it up. (*Note: the clan warfare option is different from CLANWAR. See HELP CLANWAR.) Information on 'finger' shows how many of each war type a char has won or lost. nowar: toggles the warfare channel on/off combat: if you meet the criteria, you may join a warfare warstatus: tells the current status of Warfare warsit: lists all players in the current war and the status of each Mortals may start a war at the questmaster for 50 qps by typing: quest buy warfare <type> <max level> Mortals may also start a duel war for 10qps by typing: quest buy duel <opponent> DISABLED ITEMS: any sort of heal pill, cannibalism, steal (& mug won't steal), animate dead, heat metal, charm, shelter. Also, hp and mana regeneration have been slowed to a stop, so don't bother trying to sleep to heal up!!